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Masters Summit is the meeting of the decade and will be held on the 23rd and 24rth of September, in Athens, Greece.

For the very first-time participants will have the opportunity to observe:

  • World renowned university professors and experts in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of hair and scalp disorders presenting the latest scientific innovations.
  • 50 Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment sessions, from patients on Norwood 1 to Norwood 6
  • The new DHI 3T Technology
  • The latest Direct Hair Redistribution for up to 10,000 hairs in one sessions
  • Eyborw and facial restoration
  • Male hairline reconstruction with the latest Direct In Technique
  • Female hairline reconstruction
  • FUT Scar correction
  • FUE Result correction
  • Non Surgical hair replacement
  • Linear Micro-Pigmentation (MPG)

Moreover, during the Masters Summit, world’s leading experts will debate and present the latest scientific information on: Psychology, Dermatology and Trichology: How are the connected!

All sessions will be performed by DHI Master Specialists and the whole event will be live online broadcast and filmed by British TV producer, Simon Withinghton.

For the 1st time, patients can attend this world class meeting which will take place in Athens, Greece on the 23rd and 24th of September. If you want to join the Live Broadcast, please send your enquiry at:

At the Masters’ Summit 2019 in DHI Athens, we will have the opportunity to meet and discuss with world renowned university professors and experts and observe 50 patients undergoing diagnosis, prevention and treatment sessions. DHI Academy is a Well Established and Deserving Institution with a Great Present and a Brilliant Future
Konstantinos P. Giotis
Founder of DHI Global Medical Group & President of LHRTA